Who's Who

Peninsular Transport STB

Cllr Andrea Davis

(Devon County Council)

Cllr Mark Coker

(Plymouth City Council)
Vice Chair

Cllr Richard Williams-Pears

(Cornwall Council)

Cllr Edward Heron

Hampshire County Council

Cllr Mike Rigby

(Somerset County Council)

Cllr Adam Billings

(Torbay Council)

Who's Who

England’s Economic
Heartland leadership

Cllr Liz Leffman

Leader, Oxfordshire County
Council – Interim Chair England's Economic Heartland

Who's Who

England’s Economic
Heartland business unit

Naomi Green

Managing Director

Fiona Foulkes

Business Manager

Suzanne Winkels

Technical Programme

James Golding-Graham

Head of Decarbonisation and

Abi Nichols

Project Lead

Who's Who

Trevor Brennan

Project Lead

James Gagg

Project Lead

Nathalie Mazhunga

Project Officer

Erin Pitcher

Business Operations Assistant

Hanane Elmaarouf

Business Operations Assistant

Adam King

External Affairs and Policy

Who's Who

Transport for the South East
STB Board

Cllr Keith Glazier

Leader of East Sussex County
Council - Chair

Cllr Rob Humby

Leader of Hampshire County Council – Deputy Chair

Cllr Trevor Muten

Brighton & Hove City Council

Cllr Phil Jordan

Isle of Wight Council

Cllr David Robey

Kent County Council - Deputy Cabinet Member for Highways and Transportation

Who's Who

Cllr Vince Maple

Medway Council

Cllr Gerald Vernon-Jackson

Portsmouth City Council
Cabinet Member for Transportation

Cllr Eamonn Keogh

Southampton City Council
Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

Cllr Matt Furniss

Surrey County Council
Cabinet Member for Transport and Infrastructure

Cllr Joy Dennis

West Sussex County Council
Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

Geoff French

Transport Forum

Daniel Ruiz

LEP Representative

Vince Lucas

LEP Representative

Who's Who

Cllr Matt Boughton and Cllr Dr Beccy Cooper

District & Borough Authorities

Tim Burr

Protected Landscapes

Ellie Burrows

Network Rail

Richard Leonard

National Highways

Heather Preen

Transport for London

Who's Who

Transport for London

Andrew (Andy) Lord

Transport Commissioner

Glynn Barton

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Fiona Brunskill

Chief People Officer

Matt Brown

Director of Communications &
Corporate Affairs

Who's Who

Stuart Harvey

Chief Capital Officer

Lilli Matson

Chief Safety, Health and
Environment Officer

Rachel McLean

Chief Finance Officer

Alex Williams

Chief Customer & Strategy

Tricia Wright

Chief Officer -
Pensions Review

Who's Who

Rail Safety and
Standards Board

Mark Phillips

Chief Executive Officer

Johnny Schute

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah Kingsley

Chief Financial Officer

Keith Hanlon-Smith

Chief People Officer

Mike Hoptroff

Head of Planning, Access and
Timetable Strategy

Paul McLaughlin

Chief Commercial Officer

Who's Who

Joshua Fisher

Chief Information Officer

Ali Chegini

Director of Systems Safety
and Health

Tom Lee

Director of Standards

Luisa Moisio

Director of Research and

Vaibhav Puri

Director of Sector Strategy
and Transformation

Who's Who

George Davies

Director Sustainable

Helen Costello

Director of Business
Management and

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